Follow Up Work: Angles

A couple of weeks ago I gave Daisy the first two angle nomenclature lessons. These lessons use the geometric stick box. The first defines complete and straight angles, while the second defines acute, right, and obtuse angles. After the second lesson she recorded all the definitions in her math book.

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After the lesson, she roamed around the house with her camera searching for examples of acute, right, and obtuse angles to glue into her book. We LOVE this camera by DragonTouch. Both girls have them. The pictures print out on heat sensitive receipt tape which is really cheap, so I don’t mind how many pictures they print. I think each camera came with 3 or 5 rolls of tape and we haven’t needed to order more in over a year.

This week Daisy asked for more follow up work. I suggested that she might like to put some washi tape across her notebook. She chose three colors and made herself a little key on the side of the page. Then, using the right angle measuring tool from our geometric stick box she color coded each angle. Angles smaller than the measuring tool were labeled with the acute color, angles equal to the measuring tool were labeled with the right angle color, and angles greater than the tool were marked with the obtuse color. Lots of cool relationships to discover here!

Our geometric stick box is a hack. I ordered a GeoStix set from Learning Advantage. We used the sticks for a while – they click together well, but then I decided I wanted to be able to use them on the peg board, so I used a leather working hole punch to punch holes in each stick!

What other early angle follow up work have you tried?