Colonial America

We use so many books in our unit studies. I usually start by reserving everything our library has, going through the books looking for supplemental material to our curriculum, and looking for lots of hands on activity options. This time I used some of the non-fiction books to ear-mark pagesContinue Reading

When I start a unit study I reserve all interesting looking books in our library system on our topic, and sometimes I come across a gem I didn’t know I was looking for! With this unit, I reserved a book called Hands-on-History: American History Activities by Shell Education. The bookContinue Reading

One of the thing I love doing in our unit studies, is building in days where we change up our schedule and spend the whole day focusing on our unit. I especially love it when I can make those days math or science based days, because our unit studies areContinue Reading

After our Earliest Americans Unit Study we took a little bit of time to work on various individual topics of the kids and finish up some other threads of study. Everything ticked along OK, and we always seem to have this period of time without a unit study in theContinue Reading