We love adding information to our School Nest Timeline books at the end of our history unit studies. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few discussions come up on different homeschool groups about the books, and I thought I’d share how we set up our Pre-History section. SchoolContinue Reading

This school year took off and we seemed to be SO busy all the time! Blogging about our Ancient Rome unit study completely breezed by, but I will get our Norse information written down! Our unit studies always, always start with mythology read-alouds. I did sneak in a quick, veryContinue Reading

We started our Norse History Unit Study with mythology. Once we were well into reading the D’Aulaire’s Book of Norse Myths, we got started on a long term project. We’ve had a huge 4′ X 3′ piece of super thick corrugated cardboard sitting around for months waiting just for this.Continue Reading

When we dive into a history topic we pull in SO many books. We always, always start with the mythology. I love that we’re still in periods of history with a lot of mythology and I’m not quite sure what we’ll do when that stops, It is by far ourContinue Reading

We are about to embark upon a dive into the Ancient Norse. We always start with the mythology and go from there, so, of course, that means we need a set of Guess Who cards to go along with our stories. My kids already have some familiarity with this mythologyContinue Reading