In addition to the Imaginary Island work we’re doing with our friends, my kids have been doing some notebooking. They’ve asked to work on their islands a few times during the weeks, or talked more about what we’ve been learning. It’s been nice to spend some time together sitting around,Continue Reading

We are now in our second semester of Imaginary Island work – and it’s time to put some life on the islands! First we reviewed our work so far, remembering how our islands formed, the factors that cause the climate of our islands, and all the way up to biomes.Continue Reading

Another note here to mention that both my kids have been doing biome work since they were in Kindergarten. The background knowledge they’ve gained through Montessori lessons and work allowed us to cover the mapping portion of this major subject in just one day. Today the kids got a briefContinue Reading

This week the kids determined the climates of their islands! They started out by typing their island’s longitude and latitude into Google Maps. They zoomed out and chose a couple of locations that should have similar weather, based on latitude and topography. For example, everyone chose coastal locations because aContinue Reading

Today we finished reviewing ocean currents, one of the elements that determines the climate of a location. They colored the ocean currents sheet from The Modern Montessori Guide (all part of her Imaginary Island curriculum). The kids then had two blank world maps. Looking back at their painted islands and theContinue Reading

I think it’s important to step in here and note that the majority of kids in my Imaginary Island group have a lot of prior preparation going into this year long project. They have heard the Montessori Five Great Lessons multiple times, and done deep dives into functional geography experiments,Continue Reading

We love adding information to our School Nest Timeline books at the end of our history unit studies. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few discussions come up on different homeschool groups about the books, and I thought I’d share how we set up our Pre-History section. SchoolContinue Reading

When we dive into a history topic we pull in SO many books. We always, always start with the mythology. I love that we’re still in periods of history with a lot of mythology and I’m not quite sure what we’ll do when that stops, It is by far ourContinue Reading

Here we go – while we’ve jumped into homeschool on a last minute decision, in my head I’d been planning for this all along and had a fair idea of what we’d use. Bones for the academic year are planned, but I do have some holes to fill in asContinue Reading