This week the kids presented their island research posters. So far in our island work we’ve covered land/water forms, latitude/longitude, and different ways islands form, so these are the topics the kids were asked to research for a specific island. After the presentations we talked a little bit about whatContinue Reading

Ok, so my plan for this week was genius, but I almost completely failed to get any good photos. You’ll have to hope that my powers of description are good enough… Before the kids get to designing their islands, I want them to think a little bit about where theContinue Reading

Continuing along with latitude and longitude work, this week we looked a positions of different points – capital cities and mountains – on a flat world map. I found a great latitude/longitude bundle for $4 on TpT with more presentations and differentiated level worksheets than I could even use. It’sContinue Reading

I have a couple of main resources I’m using to plan my path through the kids’ Imaginary Island study. First and foremost, I’m using Modern Montessori Guide’s Imaginary Island Bundle. The bundle contains a sequence of lesson introductions, and a sequence of research/work for the kids. I’m also using anContinue Reading

We continued to look at land/water forms this week. Beginning with a review of the 10 basic forms covered last week, we then looked at about 12 more. Once again I blew up the picture cards from The Modern Montessori Guide to 150% so that everyone could see and weContinue Reading

What is Imaginary Island? It’s often a year-long “capstone” type project for 6th year Montessori elementary students. Over the course of a year they design an island with realistic land/water forms, place the island on the globe and determine realistic weather, biomes, plant & animal life, and natural resources forContinue Reading

Our Earliest Americans unit study will focus on the different ways humans may have arrived in the Americas. We’ll also look at how the different climates around North America may have influenced lifestyles. Before the unit I asked the kids if they had any specific projects in mind that they’dContinue Reading

Our first unit study this Fall is a dive into the Renaissance. We’re coming at the Renaissance from the angle of the knowledge learnt and the Renaissance scientists. I know that when the topic comes around again the focus will be on the role of the church, government, and theContinue Reading

Time to start another school year! We took a long 3.5 week break after our Ancient Maya and Rainforest Unit Studies. This year I want to try to run our year in unit studies. I only want to plan for 5-7 weeks at a time, then take a week orContinue Reading

This summer we’re diving into the Ancient Maya and the rain forest biome. We have two friends along for the ride, the same ages as my kids (7 and 10), so it will be fun to have some extra energy around! See also our Ancient Maya Unit Plan, our AncientContinue Reading