Imaginary Island – Week 2

We continued to look at land/water forms this week. Beginning with a review of the 10 basic forms covered last week, we then looked at about 12 more. Once again I blew up the picture cards from The Modern Montessori Guide to 150% so that everyone could see and we talked about places the kids might have been, and some of the land forms they’d seen. This set of cards was from her Advanced Land and Water Forms product, also sold as part of her Imaginary Island bundle.

I had available all the Pin It Maps land and water form control maps, a couple of atlases, and a couple of other books about geography. Sadly, Pin It Maps aren’t available anymore. I was super lucky and a friend pointed them out to me when we visited our charter school library. If you’re lucky enough to find a set, they’re great. Paired with the maps, every kid had a flip book from Gingersnapstreatsforteachers. Based on the age/ability of the kids they colored the flip book, referred to the land form cards laid out on the floor to add extra landforms to their book, wrote definitions of the landforms and/or examples of the landform on the back of the flipbook page.

We didn’t quite get the flip books finished in the time we had, so they all took them home to complete.