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When we began COVID homeschool in March, Funball was having a bit of a subtraction block. The kind of block that exclaims “I can’t do it!” – which of course proves the statement true. We talked a lot about needing more practice, growth mind set, not being able to doContinue Reading

I’ve just uploaded a new product to my Etsy Store! In a Montessori environment, students are encouraged to come up with their own equations to practice math operations. However, sometimes inspiration just isn’t hitting. Especially in the case of division, it is hard for children to come up with equationsContinue Reading

Metal Insets are part of the primary (3-6 year old) Montessori language curriculum. By learning to trace both the outside of the blue shape and the inside of the pink frame, primary students practice all the motions needed for writing.Continue Reading

Welcome to Montessori Creations @ I’m Claire. Mum, business owner, dance teacher, Montessori enthusiast, and a potential homeschooler. As part of my business as the owner of a children’s arts education company, I’d been in and out of Montessori preschools for years and instantly fell in love with theContinue Reading