Bundle: HiStory Science

Bundle: HiStory Science


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Bring history alive with HiStory Science!

We start with a story. Learn about an ancient problem, meet the ancient scientists. Then, using simple household materials discover a new science concept.

Five stories and experiments are included in this bundle:

★ The Story of the Earth’s Circumference
Meet Eratosthenes – Ancient Greek. Accomplished poet, mathematician, philosopher, and geologist. An observant man, he noticed that the shadows of the sun were different in Alexandria than his home town. Discover how Eratosthenes used simple measurements to determine the circumference of the Earth!

★ The Story of the Sundial
In the early days, there was no measured time. People might say, “I’ll meet you at sundown” or, “We feast when the shadow is the length of a man.” Soon, that wasn’t enough. Learn how Ancient Egyptians harnessed the sun and created a way to measure time.

★ The Story of the Astrolabe
Meet Hypatia. As a respected teacher in Alexandria she instructed her students in many aspects of mathematics and philosophy. Follow along as we create an astrolabe and discover the magic of geometry!

★ The Story of the Clepsydra
How do you measure time without the sun shining? How did the Ancient Greeks use water to time their legal arguments? In this edition we build a clepsydra from household items and see how the Ancient Greeks tracked time.

★ The Story of Archimedes “Eureka!”
Meet Archimedes – he needs to solve the problem of King Hiero’s crown. Is it pure gold, or does the king have a problem with his jeweler? Follow along as we solve the mystery.

HiStory science is a wonderful pairing to your Ancient History studies. Hands on work makes history come alive!


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