Make Your Own: Bead Squares and Cubes – Cricut Edition

Montessori materials can be expensive. Gorgeous, but expensive. I love puzzling out my own versions. A bead cabinet is just not in the budget. While I do have a set of short bead chains (and a DIY long set…on the list for the blog…), and one square to go with each chains, I don’t have enough squares, nor do I have cubes. I have TWO make your own options for you.

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First up today: Here’s an option for those of you with a Cricut!

These are SO easy – complete instructions are included. Import each file into the Cricut software and make a couple of clearly explained adjustments. All items can be made on 8.5″x11″ sheets of cardstock, but the 9 and 10 cubes also have an option to be made on 12″x12″ cardstock. Files to make all bead squares and cubes are available in my Etsy store.

I chose to draw and cut my files on correctly corresponding colours of cardstock, however a great option might be to draw and cut them all on white card stock and engage your child to color in all the beads!

So pretty!

Once cut, simply fold along the score lines and assemble the squares and cubes and secure the tabs. I taped mine, but you could make the joins with any fast glue or glue dots. Have your child help you assemble these too! It’s a great project if you need a bead cabinet, but also a great squares and cubes extension project!

a multiplication lesson that morphed…

We’re loving having our bead cabinet up on the wall. (Shelves found here) My current DIY long chains don’t lend themselves to hanging…I’m working on a new option!

LOVE my bead cabinet!

Check out the files in my Etsy store!