Montessori Equivalence Material – Printable Edition

Montessori Equivalence Material – Printable Edition


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The Montessori Equivalence Plates – Printable Edition provides two options to print the full set of iron materials. Full images and videos here:

Choose the full color option for vibrant plates.

Choose the blackline master option on colored paper or cardstock to save printer ink!

Included in this ZIP file are both color and blackline options for:
★ 5 Square Equivalence Plates
★ 4 Triangle Equivalence Plates
★ 4 Triangular Equivalence Plates
★ 2 Pythagoras Plates
★ Euclid Plate (Two Size options!)
★ 2 Triangular Area Plates
★ 4 Parallelogram Equivalence Plates
★ 2 Parallelogram Area Plates
★ 2 Pentagon Plates
★ 2 Decagon Plates
★ 2 Decagon Area/Perimeter Plates
★ 5 Concentric Circles Plates
★ 4 Concentric Squares Plates
★ 4 Other Shape Plates

DETAILED instructions describing how to print all the different files.


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