Ancient Egypt – Week 2

Last week was a great kick-off to our Egypt topic. We kept everything fairly low-key, but this week our activities ramped up! Our second week focused on all the mythology. Funball LOVED the work this week! We made full use of a couple of drawing books from our homeschool teacher. She worked on her gods and goddesses project all day all week!

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Our week actually started over the weekend – I made up a set of Ancient Egypt God and Goddess Guess Who? cards, and just happened to leave them out where they might be discovered. *wink* We all had a great time playing. At the beginning of the week the questions mostly focused on visual clues and the spelling of the names. By the end of the week, the girls were able to ask questions about the characteristics of the god/desses.

Funball was asked to research 5 different god/desses and come up with a way to demonstrate the information she’d discovered in her report book. Using the Guess Who? cards for reference, she spread out all over the floor and came up with 8 different god/desses she wanted to include! She practiced and re-drew her drawings, and came up with a consistent way to list her facts on each page. Of course, top choice was the dog-related jackal god Anubis! Ralph Masiello’s Ancient Egypt Drawing Book was really invaluable to her for this project.

Daisy also had her own god/dess work, in the form of a booklet with pictures of the god/desses and their names for some handwriting practice. She could also color if she wished.

Last week we built a Nile River in a foil tray. Throughout the year we’ve been peppering in some botany work. Our sprouting Nile provided a great way to study the very first leaves that sprout from a seed, cotyledons, because although we planted alfalfa seeds we took the dirt from our garden and had a few surprises grow too! We could compare monocot and dicot seeds due to some grass shoots that sprang up. How convenient!

During the week the girls also made up and wrote about their own goddess. Our read aloud focus for the week was the week was the National Geographic Treasury of Egyptian Mythology. However Daisy read Egyptian Gods and Goddesses aloud to me, and we also started reading the first Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective book, which was a lot of fun.

You can see our unit plan, and link to other weeks to see what we got up to here: Ancient Egypt Unit Study: The Plan, or check out my Ancient Egypt Pinterest Board.

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