Guess Who – Ancient Maya Edition

Oh you know we love a Guess Who game around here. With an Ancient Maya unit study this summer, there had to be an Ancient Maya Guess Who game. And this one was tough to make! Usually I can find Creative Commons images, or I’ve purchased rights to images before…but for the Maya? Nothing. I’m crafty and creative, but not artistic…anyway…these images I had to draw myself! It was a labor of love for sure. First I drew all the images as blacklines, scanned them into the computer, and then colored digitally.

However, it was a great way to get my own background knowledge for these deities and creatures. Maya mythology isn’t something I have any background knowledge of, whereas I had a fair amount of background knowledge on Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythology.

I think these came out really well. My kids and my friend’s kids have both enjoyed playing with them. I love the critical thinking questions the game pulls out, and the process of determining which question might get the most information. I also like to see the progression – at the beginning of a culture study the questions are very much about the visual appearance on the game cards, however by the end of the unit study the kids are asking knowledge based questions like, “Is your person the god of the underworld?” or, “Is your person a twin?”

This edition of Guess Who also comes with a bonus! As always the game cards include a little detail about the mythical figure. This time I’ve also included a fact card with a little more information and a pronunciation guide for the different names.

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