Imaginary Island – Week 4

Continuing along with latitude and longitude work, this week we looked a positions of different points – capital cities and mountains – on a flat world map.

I found a great latitude/longitude bundle for $4 on TpT with more presentations and differentiated level worksheets than I could even use. It’s super comprehensive with multiple power point lessons and differentiated follow up work. For our purposes, I decided to use just the “bonus” material which more than adequately reviewed latitude/longitude and was well worth the $4 all by itself!

All but one of the kids are upper elementary or older, I knew or assumed they’d done some latitude longitude work before, and had done estimating and rounding of numbers, so we moved quickly moving through identifying points on the given lat/long lines, then finding points between the lines. With a lower elementary crowd this would have been split over multiple lessons.

Finally, I gave each kid one of the many differentiated worksheets appropriate to their level. Some found the latitude/longitude of given points on or between lines, and some were given locations of world mountains and identified the matching point on the map, and/or plotted the location of mountains on the map.

The kids now have coastal landforms, and land locations under their belts. There’s one more topic I want them to look at before we begin designing and locating their own islands.