Montessori Equivalence Material – SVG Edition

Montessori Equivalence Material – SVG Edition


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The Montessori Equivalence Plates – SVG Edition allows you to create your own equivalence material with your favorite cutting machine.

See  for a material choices post giving examples of materials to use and a comparison of which materials you may prefer.

The following SVG files are included in this download:
★ 5 Square Equivalence Plates
★ 4 Triangle Equivalence Plates
★ 4 Triangular Equivalence Plates
★ 2 Pythagoras Plates (two size options!)
★ Euclid Plate (two size options!)
★ 2 Triangular Area Plates
★ 4 Parallelogram Equivalence Plates
★ 2 Parallelogram Area Plates
★ 2 Pentagon Plates
★ 2 Decagon Plates
★ 2 Decagon Area/Perimeter Plates (two size options!)
★ 5 Concentric Circles Plates
★ 4 Concentric Squares Plates
★ 4 Other Shape Plates

Instructions describing how to import and set up all the different files in Cricut DesignSpace.


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