Montessori Fraction Circles – SVG Edition

Montessori Fraction Circles – SVG Edition


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Montessori Fraction Circles – SVG Edition contains 11 files to help you cut and create your very own Montessori Fraction material, including inset frames to hold the fraction pieces. Instructions on importing the image into the Cricut software are included. Cut multiple sets for elementary level fraction work.

I have cut my fraction pieces from red plastic file folders, however red poster board would make a great choice – or any other material you have on hand.

See this materials choices post for more information.

Please note: These files create fraction pieces that are slightly smaller than the Montessori standard. They have been designed to fit in a Plano 3700 series tackle box for ease of storage. However, you can resize the files once they’ve been imported into Cricut – or send me a message, I’m happy to resize them for you.

Plano Tackle Box: (affiliate link)

Included Files:
★ Introduction and Instructions pdf
★ whole svg
★halves svg
★ thirds svg
★ quarters svg
★ fifths svg
★ sixths svg
★ sevenths svg
★ eighths svg
★ninths svg
★ tenths svg
★ fractions holder svg


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