One of the things I’m loving most about homeschooling is seeing those sparks of connection between different learning materials.

Daisy has been working sporadically with the bead chains. She’s been through them all at least once and returns to them every once in a while. Recently, I introduced the multiplication board to her. She’s worked through a few numbers. This week, she was working on the 3’s. When she got to three, taken three times, I asked her what she saw. I expected her to say, “A square!”

She jumped up and ran across the room, and I thought she was going to get the 3’s short bead chain – she came back with the flags for the short chain and laid them out at the bottom of each column!

After some exclaiming, I suggested that she go and get the short chain. We laid it out above the multiplication board and curled it up to make the beads line up in the same shape!

What a great connection between two materials, connecting and reinforcing similar concepts!