Make Your Own: Bead Bars

I’m getting ready to work through the decanomial with Funball, and you need A LOT of bead bars. I have the checkerboard box, but there just aren’t enough bars! I puzzled over what I was going to do for a few weeks…and came up with files to cut on my Cricut. If you’d like to make bead bars for yourself, you can head over to my Etsy store, grab the files, and then come back to see how to import and cut the files.

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The files come zipped, after downloading and extracting them, open up your Cricut software:

Click on “Upload” at the bottom of the left hand menu:

Then click on “Upload Image” to bring up the file explorer:

Drag and drop your file into the work space, or click Browse to find your file:

Select the file required (files follow the format <Number>Bar.svg) and click Open:

Click Save:

Highlight the newly uploaded file by clicking on it, then click Insert Image:

Once the image is loaded into the workspace, it needs a little adjustment:

This step is not necessary, but makes things easier to see. Select the bottom, all black, full shape cut layer. Change the color from black to any other color. I change the color to match the color of the bead bar. In the case of the 4 bar, I change the bottom layer color to yellow.

Next, hold down the Ctrl key and select all the individual beads, or circles. On top menu, change the layer type to Draw:

Select all layers of the bead bar by clicking on the topmost group layer. Click attach to attach all the layers together, then click the green Make It button:

Set up your machine as needed – you can increase the number of bead bars to cut (I cut 60!), then click Continue:

Make sure your pen is loaded, select your material type on your machine (I just used cardstock) and cut your bead bars!

Here’s my mat and machine:

And the finished bead stair!

I hope this successfully walks you through cutting my bead bars on your Cricut. Any problems, comment below! Again, you can grab a copy of my cut files here – or check out my entire store, which includes bead squares and cubes files too!