Printable: More and Less – FREE Hundred Board Extension

Sometimes, over dinner, Daisy will ask to play “Function Machine.” It comes from Dreambox – a math program they have access to through our school district. Daisy isn’t that far into Dreambox to have even see the function machine yet, but we must have started playing when Funball was in Kindergarten, and it’s a game that’s kept going.

How we play: I make funny machine noises, ending in the works “Function Machine” in a robotic voice, and then alternate firing a mental math question at each girl (tailored to what they can do, of course), and then make a “ping” sound if the answer if correct, and a silly noise if the answer is wrong. They both think I’m hilarious for making silly noises…and we drill a little mental math. Win.

Anyway, today I was challenging Daisy to tell me 10 more than a number. After a while she sort of knew what I was asking…so we pulled out the Hundred Board and played a quickfire round!

This evening I made a quick extension she can do by herself, and I have the file up as a free download in my TpT store. She hasn’t used it yet…but I think it’s pretty self explanatory. I’ll cut out the grids so she can fold them up if she likes. It’ll make it more fun!

You can grab the FREE file here – enjoy!