Ancient Egypt – Week 6

Our last week focusing on Ancient Egypt! Six weeks has been a nice long time. It gave us time to have about two weeks to settle in, do a few low-key activities and gain the base knowledge we needed. We then had about weeks when our activities were all in! The girls were working on projects all week and all day – even outside of our “official” learning time. I also started to see parts of their knowledge seep into their play too – so I really knew they were internalizing it all! Finally, we had one week at the end to finish up a few last things, organize the last couple of projects, and fit in those things that fell by the wayside. Even though we’ve “finished” school for the holiday break, Funball found a packet on clothing we didn’t get too, and she started working on it, so I know that we’ll keep talking about this and keeping our knowledge going. I have one more novel to read to the kids, and the library books are still around too…as we all know, learning happens all the time 🙂

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So – nominally our topic for the week was Pharaohs. I wanted to cover this last because by now the kids have absorbed a lot about the culture, a lot about daily life, and they’ve heard little bits about a lot of the pharaohs. Now it’s time to get into details – who did what and in which order. We also talked a lot about Howard Carter and archeology.

I used a set of sheets from History Pockets with a passage to read, then summarize. Daisy asked to write like her sister, so for her I read the passage to her, we tried to pull out a detail, and then I dictated a sentence for her to write down.

We had a little fun this week drawing some pharaohs from Art Hub for Kids. We also drew their scarab beetle. We did a lot of reading too, of course. While reading Pharaoh’s Boat, Daisy built a boat! One afternoon, while I was running errands, they excavated gems too.

Funball spent time this week putting together a table of contents and glossary, and finishing up bits of editing and coloring. Both girls have a nice chunk of work that (post pandemic) I’ll take to get bound. For the moment the work is just in report covers.

We finished the week sharing our work with our homeschool buddy family. They also studied Ancient Egypt and we did some of the same activities. All the kids did some great work, and it was nice to have an opportunity to share! I think we all really enjoyed the all-encompassing unit study, and we’ll do it again!

You can see our unit plan, and link to other weeks to see what we got up to here: Ancient Egypt Unit Study: The Plan, or check out my Ancient Egypt Pinterest Board.