Guess Who – Norse Mythology Edition

We are about to embark upon a dive into the Ancient Norse. We always start with the mythology and go from there, so, of course, that means we need a set of Guess Who cards to go along with our stories. My kids already have some familiarity with this mythology so I think they’ll be able to jump right in.

We’ll be reading D’Aulaires Treasury of Norse Mythology as our main source. Since the spellings of Norse characters can vary, I’ve used the D’Aulaires spellings as a guide. Some of the creatures aren’t named in the book so I’ve used what seemed to be the most popular spelling.

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As always, the game cards include a short detail about each character so that the kids have a clue to help them remember who is who, and they can ask content based questions, not just visual cue questions.

This set is a lot of fun, with a good mix of gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures. I’m super excited to play this with the girls!

You can pick up your own printable set of cards here on the website, or in my Etsy store. This time I printed, laminated, and cut, but I’ve had success just printing and cutting other sets.