Steganography: History and Science of Hidden Writing

Steganography: History and Science of Hidden Writing



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Learn all about the art, history, and science of “hidden writing!”

This factual resource provides information on both the “whats” and “hows” of steganography, the practice of hiding information within another medium.

How does a shaved head help an emperor send a message? How can a message be hidden within a page of text? How was steganography used during the US Civil War?

Included fact cards provide answers to these questions, but also pose new questions as a spark for future research.

Provided themed writing papers and notecards allow research to be presented in the same type of theme and presentation.

Two leveled science experiments allow students to explore different techniques for making invisible ink – learning important chemistry concepts as they go along.

Use Steganography: History and Science of Hidden Writing alone, or as part of a complete, interdisciplinary unit study:

This 44 page document contains a 22 page high-color printable option, with the information repeated in a 22 page low-color option which could be printed in black and white.


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