The Start of Something New (sort of)…

And so it begins. As the summer wore on, our school district declared that as many students as possible would be back for in-person learning. Those that chose to stay home would sit at home and watch the classroom. COVID numbers increased. Finally, the district was forced to announce 100% distance learning – teachers in the classroom and kids logged on for all 6 hours per day.

Sounds fun.

What options did we have? Our local homeschool charter had a 1500 person waitlist. I took on a friend’s children and we had our own little homeschool pod for the last six weeks of the summer. While I could pull the children out of school and homeschool, it would be with no support. The best thing seemed to be to test out the distance learning, and pull out of school if needed.

Five days before the start of the school year I heard that our district had a homeschool program. Four days before the start of the school year I had a phone call with the coordinator. Two days before the start of the school year I was offered places for the children. Homeschool with support, or wait and see. We took the spots. After five months of “testing out homeschool” it’s official. We are homeschoolers. Are we homeschoolers until in person school returns? Are we homeschoolers though the end of the school year? Or are we homeschoolers until the girls go to middle and high school (as my husband thinks)? We shall see.

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