Introducing The Flat-Pack Bead Cabinet!

I am thrilled to announce another item in my Montessori Bead Cabinet range. This time, I’m calling it The Flat-Pack Bead Cabinet – which makes me giggle!

You already seen my other Bead Cabinet options – Print Your Own Squares and Cubes and Cut Your Own Squares and Cubes – but now I have a pre-drawn, pre-cut set available to order. I mail them to you, you (or your kids) assemble the cubes, squares, and adorable boxes to hold the squares. So simple to put together, and a great collaborative family activity!

We’ve loved using these with our bead chains, and we’ve also loved using them for squaring and cubing work! I created a bead cabinet with a set of 4 shelves, cup hooks, and bead chains. It’s wall hung, space saving, and a great addition to our homeschool!

Check out The Flat-Pack Bead Cabinet today!

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