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One of the things I’m loving most about homeschooling is seeing those sparks of connection between different learning materials. Daisy has been working sporadically with the bead chains. She’s been through them all at least once and returns to them every once in a while. Recently, I introduced the multiplicationContinue Reading

I’m getting ready to work through the decanomial with Funball, and you need A LOT of bead bars. I have the checkerboard box, but there just aren’t enough bars! I puzzled over what I was going to do for a few weeks…and came up with files to cut on myContinue Reading

Sometimes, over dinner, Daisy will ask to play “Function Machine.” It comes from Dreambox – a math program they have access to through our school district. Daisy isn’t that far into Dreambox to have even see the function machine yet, but we must have started playing when Funball was inContinue Reading

No sooner did I finish writing our Curriculum Choices post that we (of course) made some changes! All summer I’d felt pretty good about what we were doing, but as soon as the school year hit it all felt more “real” – more serious and harder! I felt like IContinue Reading

I saw this pop up on a Facebook group I’m in, and knew it was a perfect activity to do with Funball. While she has a great grasp on multiplication , and has finished the Montessori multiplication sequence, it all happened outside of school. We worked on the multi-digit sequenceContinue Reading

We’ve been having some fun exploring the sensorial decanomial the last couple of weeks. Both kids have been working on this – neither one has seen it before and Funball will start working on the elementary version very soon so I wanted her to have the sensorial experience first. AtContinue Reading

A week or two before the start of our school year, Daisy asked to learn about the desert…so we began our year with what ended up being a 4-week unit on biomes! Fortuitously I’d seen somewhere that WASECA was selling a digital version of their Introduction to the Biomes curriculumContinue Reading

Periodically I’ll be providing snapshots of our work week. Currently the girls are working on follow up work from the First Great Lesson, and biome studies as their larger projects, along with work in other areas. Here’s what we got up to in this four-day week: This post contains affiliateContinue Reading