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*DIGITAL PRODUCT* This product is a great addition to any study of Ancient Egypt! The cards show 24 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, and your students can ask each other questions to review and solidify their knowledge. Cards for the red and blue boards contain an image of the god orContinue Reading

The Ancient Egypt Sarcophagus – Printable Edition is the perfect addition to any Ancient Egypt study – or party favor! This file contains a printable file plus detailed assembly instructions. Additional materials required: ★ scissors ★ ruler ★ empty cereal box ★ tape (packing tape preferred) ★ stapler (optional) ★Continue Reading

The Ancient Egypt Sarcophogus – SVG Edition is the perfect addition to any Ancient Egypt study – or party favor! This file contains SVG files plus detailed assembly instructions. Additional materials required: ★ Cricut or other cutting machine ★ scoring tool for your machine ★ empty cereal box ★ tapeContinue Reading

Guess Who – Ancient Egyptian Mythology! These cards feature 24 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Each game card contains a small fact to enhance game play. Perfect to pair with a study of Ancient Egypt, or use for review. Print, laminate if desired, cut, and play! This post contains affiliate links,Continue Reading

Our last week focusing on Ancient Egypt! Six weeks has been a nice long time. It gave us time to have about two weeks to settle in, do a few low-key activities and gain the base knowledge we needed. We then had about weeks when our activities were all in!Continue Reading

This week we dived into pyramids and mummies! We’d already covered a lot of information about mummies though our mythology reading – it’s hard to talk about Ancient Egypt without talking about mummies! Our read aloud at the beginning of the week focused on pyramids, but we talked a lotContinue Reading

Week 4 was all about language and math! We went all in this week. Aside from a fraction multiplication lesson to continue on a theme, all Funball’s work was Ancient Egypt related. Due to her age, not all of Daisy’s work follows the theme quite as much but I thinkContinue Reading

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that we’ve been all about Ancient Egypt lately. To help us learn our gods and goddesses I created a new set of game cards for our Guess Who game! This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, atContinue Reading

We switched things up! Originally my plan called for us to work on Ancient Egyptian writing and mathematics next, but diving into Daily Life left like a better flow…so that’s what we did! This all happened on Thanksgiving week, so it was a short week for us. This post containsContinue Reading

Last week was a great kick-off to our Egypt topic. We kept everything fairly low-key, but this week our activities ramped up! Our second week focused on all the mythology. Funball LOVED the work this week! We made full use of a couple of drawing books from our homeschool teacher.Continue Reading