History (Page 4)

Week 4 was all about language and math! We went all in this week. Aside from a fraction multiplication lesson to continue on a theme, all Funball’s work was Ancient Egypt related. Due to her age, not all of Daisy’s work follows the theme quite as much but I thinkContinue Reading

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that we’ve been all about Ancient Egypt lately. To help us learn our gods and goddesses I created a new set of game cards for our Guess Who game! This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, atContinue Reading

We switched things up! Originally my plan called for us to work on Ancient Egyptian writing and mathematics next, but diving into Daily Life left like a better flow…so that’s what we did! This all happened on Thanksgiving week, so it was a short week for us. This post containsContinue Reading

Last week was a great kick-off to our Egypt topic. We kept everything fairly low-key, but this week our activities ramped up! Our second week focused on all the mythology. Funball LOVED the work this week! We made full use of a couple of drawing books from our homeschool teacher.Continue Reading

We kicked off our study of Ancient Egypt by finding modern day Egypt on our world map and talking about the Nile River. Ancient Egypt was called ‘The Gift of the Nile’ because the Nile flooded reliably at the same time every year, bringing a layer of mineral rich siltContinue Reading

When I began introducing history, after teaching the Third Great Lesson, we began using Pandia Press’ product, History Quest Early Times (HQET). We got started and found it ok – fun to take along to the park and listen to, but not very engaging activity-wise. This post contains affiliate links,Continue Reading