Make Your Own: Fraction Circles and Frames

Oh wow! I just realized that I’ve never blogged about my Fraction Circles and Frames! How did I miss that?

I LOVE my fraction circles and frames! I have ONE shelf in our dining room for Montessori math materials, so I just don’t have space to display the large inset racks. I sized my pieces a little smaller than the full insets to fit in a Plano 3700 tackle box I had on hand. Funball just finished up fraction by fraction multiplication and we needed multiple sets, so it was great just to be able to run over to my Cricut and make a few more when I needed them – and have them mobile, since they suddenly decided to “do school” in their bedroom!

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These are so versatile. I ended up cutting the fraction pieces from red plastic file folders I had around the house. Red poster board, mat board or medium/heavy chipboard with a layer of red paper glued on top would work well too. Even red cardstock will work for the home – it doesn’t matter if a piece gets bent occasionally – you can just cut another one! Craft foam has never worked too well for me, but using 30mil magnet sheets might be another great option too.

My frames are made from 30pt chipboard, and the two pieces are simply glued together with a glue stick.

Both kids have been working with these. A few weeks ago Daisy was working through some fraction addition equation slips, while Funball had a lesson with the material on fraction by fraction multiplication. Daisy LOVED using the same material as her big sister.

detailed instructions provided

If you’d like to make your own set, you can pick up a copy of the .svg files in my store! You’ll get 11 cut files (one for each set of fractions, whole through tenths, plus a file to make the frame) and detailed instructions to help you import the files into Cricut Design Space.

Click on the image to visit the store

If you’d like to store them in the tackle box, the whole pieces will not fit in a division. I attached a square CD envelope to the lid to hold the whole pieces. If you have space to display all 10 fraction frames and insets, you can cut as many frames as you need!

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