I saw this pop up on a Facebook group I’m in, and knew it was a perfect activity to do with Funball. While she has a great grasp on multiplication , and has finished the Montessori multiplication sequence, it all happened outside of school. We worked on the multi-digit sequenceContinue Reading

We’ve been having some fun exploring the sensorial decanomial the last couple of weeks. Both kids have been working on this – neither one has seen it before and Funball will start working on the elementary version very soon so I wanted her to have the sensorial experience first. AtContinue Reading

A week or two before the start of our school year, Daisy asked to learn about the desert…so we began our year with what ended up being a 4-week unit on biomes! Fortuitously I’d seen somewhere that WASECA was selling a digital version of their Introduction to the Biomes curriculumContinue Reading

Periodically I’ll be providing snapshots of our work week. Currently the girls are working on follow up work from the First Great Lesson, and biome studies as their larger projects, along with work in other areas. Here’s what we got up to in this four-day week: This post contains affiliateContinue Reading

I have another new product! I’m struggling with follow up work. I feel like I have a fairly good handle on reading through the albums, determining what Funball is ready for, magicking up the materials, and presenting the lesson…but what I don’t know is how to come up with followContinue Reading

I did not plan to do the Great Lessons so early in the school year. I don’t think Funball got more that the First Lesson last school year, so when school closed in March, I jumped in and we did them all. Doing them again now seemed premature. I thoughtContinue Reading

Here we go – while we’ve jumped into homeschool on a last minute decision, in my head I’d been planning for this all along and had a fair idea of what we’d use. Bones for the academic year are planned, but I do have some holes to fill in asContinue Reading

My 5.5 year old just spent an hour working on adjectives. Incredible, right? Only if you’re picturing a lecture, a workbook, and lots of writing. Of course, that’s not what happened. We are learning grammar through the Montessori philosophy. Now, I’ll admit, Daisy is a little young for this particularContinue Reading